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Sustainable Spa Practitioner Course

Sustainability has become a strategic objective in the wellness industry and the ability to guide and transform any spa, salon ... Show more
Bianca Bianca
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This course will provide all wellness practitioners with fundamental, hands-on, knowledge of sustainable business practises and treatment choices for the greater benefit of their industry and clients and, ultimately, for the preservation of our natural environment.

Sustainability has become a strategic objective in the wellness industry and the ability to guide and transform any spa, salon or wellness destination to implementing such practices in their businesses has, consequently, also become a critical skills set. 

After completing this course, you will be in a position to:

  • Appreciate how sustainability principles are applied to spas/salons and identify their commercial benefits.
  • Implement green building principles in new or existing spa buildings
  • Incorporate sustainable fixtures and fittings in spas
  • Select sustainable and ethical cosmetic products for spas
  • Select sustainable and ethical consumables for spas
  • Apply the management principles necessary to create a sustainable spa
  • Incorporate water and energy efficiencies in spas
  • Implement Fair Trade practices
  • Practice responsible waste management in spas
  • Conduct a sustainability audit

The spectrum of theoretical material, inclusive of a practical workshop, is delivered on four levels, over approximately 11 hours, at the end of which you will complete an assessment and receive a certificate. The course materials will include the Greenspa Guide as a text book, a licence to use the Greenspa Calculator software as audit tool, forum discussions and several other downloadable resource materials. You will have 3 months to complete the course once you have enrolled.

Synopsis of course content

Level 1 

  • Understanding sustainability in context
  • How sustainability unlocks value in a spa business
  • Understanding carbon foot printing and carbon neutrality
  • Global developments in the sustainable wellness industry
  • Governments position on green enterprise
  • Greenwashing

Level 2

  • Greening the Spa building
  • Sustainable fixtures, fittings & furniture for spas
  • Sustainable options for spa furniture and equipment
  • Sustainable options for retail and professional products
  • Sustainable options for spa consumables/amenities

Level 3

  • Conducting a sustainable spa business
  • Policies and procedures
  • Annual reporting
  • Fair trade and social responsibility
  • Energy and Water efficiencies
  • Waste management
  • The circular economy
  • Reduction practices
  • Recycling
  • Conducting a waste audit
  • The Green Kitchen

Level 4

  • Practical workshop: Conducting an audit on an existing spa or salon